Country of Origin - Lithuania (EU)
Seeds & Oil - Lithuania (EU)

About our Factory

Our factory was established in 2018 and is located in Zarasai, Raudondvaris – a beautiful Lithuanian village surrounded by breathtaking nature.

Our modern production facilities and a team of experienced professionals allow us to specialize in the finest quality Cold-Pressed Rapeseed Oil & Cake production. We offer only officially certified – Organic Premium Quality Products.

During the production process, we ensure the highest product quality and adhere to the strictest production standards. Thanks to advanced production technology, our product retains the natural smell and taste which are typically only found in natural rapeseed oil and are extremely beneficial to human health, as it retains all the biologically active nutrients.

All of our products are produced here at our factory and only from the locally grown rapeseeds.

Mission and Policy

Our main goal is to provide premium quality organic food in the most sustainable way. With strategic focus on sustainable product delivery and local farming support, we operate in our modern organically certified production facilities.

Our products are made only from the finest quality rapeseed seeds, which are purely sustainably grown in Lithuanian ecological farms. Our strict crop growing and production standards allow us to offer the highest quality sustainable product with every single bottle from seed to shelf.

We follow Zero Waste policy. Meaning that none of our raw material gets wasted or thrown away. Our advanced production facilities allow us to crush, fill and pack our organically grown cold-pressed seeds into 4 premium quality consumer ready products with all of the beneficial nutrient qualities stored in every product. Our selected production process ensures that all of it is done with no harm to Nature.

Process and Capacity

Our oil is produced using the most advanced cold pressing technique and the most modern equipment. The chosen production process allows us to ensure the full preservation of all the beneficial nutrients, microelements and vitamins in the final product.

We use four modern FL 200 presses. Our set of presses is made of extremely durable metals, thanks to which the production process can operate all year round without interruption. This ensures a smooth work process and high production efficiency.

We are able to press more than 5,000 tons of seeds and produce almost 2,000,000 liters of organic oil a year and up to 5,500 liters per day.


Bottling and packaging

Our oil is bottled in accordance with the strictest hygiene standards. Throughout the oil bottling process, we carry out continuous process supervision and constant control.

Our  modern labeling system allows us to efficiently label even the most complex containers.

Quality control

We ensure the maximum food safety and quality of products while operating on the basis of the HACCP system, which is succesfully implemented in our company.

We are officially certified producer holding certificates issued by the European Organic Food Organization, the State Food and Veterinary Service and Green Key Hole Healthy Food Organization.

All of our products meet the Retail and HORECA standards.

Currently, our team of production professionals is implementing the BRC quality standard, which is recognized worldwide.


Moments from the production process...

Wholesale & Private Label

Apart from our own brand, we also offer oils with private label, we are happy to help you prepare a label which will meet the European market standards. We offer various packaging types and sizes to accommodate your needs.

Conventional (Non-Organic) products available upon a special request from a client. You can find out more at the Private Label section.

Contact us: info@ekko.lt; +370 604 23 128